LBG Caramel Gift Box

LBG Caramel Gift Box

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Three delectable caramel flavors in a sweet, ready-to-gift 4oz. box. 

From the maker: 

"Tiramisu: Our tiramisu caramels are made with sophisticated velvety dark chocolate, aromatic coffee, and delicate mascarpone harmonize to create a symphony of flavor in this Italian-inspired delight. Savor an indulgent morsel and be swept away to the alluring Amalfi Coast.

Honey-Lavender: Raw Ojai wildflower honey from Blue Ridge Honey melds with fragrant lavender blossoms to create a perfumed caramel that will make you feel like you have been transported to the French countryside.

Salted Caramel: Our signature salted caramel recipe traces its roots to north-west France, a region celebrated for its prized salted butter. We follow the time-honored process of using copper pots to coax rich, luxurious flavor from local cream, fresh butter, and sugar to create a velvety, tender confection that melts in your mouth. A final sprinkling of delicate Maldon sea salt awakens your taste buds with a distinctive and savory finish."